Gypsy Soul Coffeehouse in Redington Shores, Florida: Tampa Area Coffee Shops

On my travel bucket list this year, I set a fun goal to visit at least one new coffee shop per month. We’re two months into 2020, and I’m 2 for 2, so I’m definitely off to a good start!

I didn’t plan on creating a new post for each coffee shop I try because I have a lot of travel plans and a topics I want to cover for Travel Tuesday, but the coffee shop my friend and I discovered this weekend couldn’t wait and I felt it deserved its own post.

I met up with one of my best friends Sunday morning for coffee and I requested that we try out Gypsy Souls. It overlooks a canal on the bay and had been on my list for quite a while. I must admit that the first thing that made me want to visit this coffee shop was the name; I consider myself a gypsy wannabe with a just a little too much anxiety to make it happen. I actually had no idea that this place was on the water, or I would have visited much earlier. I’ve been saying for quite some time that I wish there was a good coffee shop on the water here!

We showed up at 8 am on a Sunday and the drive in to the coffee shop was just as special as the visit itself. The coffee shop is located on the ever-busy Gulf Blvd, which is the street that runs along the beach. 8 am on a Sunday provides a very rare moment of tranquility on this road as it is an area that’s typically full of people driving to the beach and beachgoers trying to cross the street.

Once inside, my friend and I were instantly in love. There were cozy corners and books available to sink into and while I would love making myself comfortable there, our favorite part was the outside waterfront view. We sat out there for 2 hours sipping our coffee and catching up.

Inside, they also have a quaint working space with 3 plugins if you want to bring in your laptop and get some work done. The helpful employees (seriously, the employees were above and beyond!) also told us that they have another location in downtown St. Pete that has even better working spaces. I may check that location out one day, but for now I’ll probably stay loyal to this location for its spectacular view.

This place inspired me in so many ways; to continue exploring, to write more, and to try new things . Funny how something as simple as visiting a new coffee place can do that and I can’t wait to bring my laptop there and get some work done. I have a feeling that some of my best work will be done there. This is exactly why I love my travel bucket list; pushing myself out of my comfort zone can offer inspiration in the most unexpected ways.

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