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Florida Keys Vlog: Best Things to do in the Florida Keys

Exciting news that you may not know – I started a vlog! This is my very first YouTube video and it is a Florida Keys Vlog from the trip we took there over the Labor Day holiday. I previously blogged about this trip here.

I started a vlog because I realized after 8 years together, I’m starting to forget small details of some of our trips together. These are details I promised I’d never forget and yet here we are. My hope is that these videos can share our experiences with others wanting to travel to similar places we do while also helping us preserve our memories forever.

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know that the Florida Keys are our place. We love it there so much and plan to move there one day. I am so excited to bring you content from our favorite place in a new way.

Some of our highlights from this video are:

  • Morning coffee
  • Driving US-1
  • Islamorada Beer Company
  • Florida Keys Brewing Company
  • Our hotel at Ocean Key Resort
  • A late lunch at Fogarty’s

If you’re interested in following me on YouTube, you can do that here. We’ll be posting all of our Florida adventures there, as well as our non-Florida travels when it’s time to travel again.  I would love to hear your feedback on my Florida Keys vlog, and I promise the video editing will only improve from here!

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